Shipping Methods

Find below different kind of shipping methods, we offer for our clients in order to send for them our articles after payment. Choose what is comfortable for you.

You will be notified by Email after sending your package.

Note: It is Important to read Privacy policy to understand how to use the Shipment of our articles.


Shipment by Yourself:
It is especially for those who find us on google map here, and pick up the article they want, payment can be before via chosen one of the the payment method, or they pay at the moment they want to take the article.

Shipment via Post Office:
The articles should be sent via post note that we can not guarantee the transport of the articles sent via post, Articles will be packed in accordance with the rules mentioned in our privacy policy.

Shipment by Delivery Services:
This service should guarantee (ensure) the transportation of articles, from the starting point (Seller) until delivery to the customer.privacy policy.

Payment Methods

Find below different kind of payment methods, you can register for free and start to use your payments to buy easily via internet.

You will be notified by Email after your payment transfer.

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